Christopher Lindstrom

Bringing Balance Through Energy In Motion


Quotes I felt a migraine coming along all day and it finally hit me hard just before I saw Chris. He performed a Cranio-Sacral massage, which he informed me would help alleviate my migraine. Honestly, I had never heard of this before and was a little skeptical at first because migraines are not new to me. I was amazed that in just 7 minutes, my migraine was gone and I felt so relaxed and ready to carry on with my day. The gentle and skillful maneuvers of this massage really targets the pressure points from which my migraines originate. Initially, I felt an immense amount of pressure in my head and within minutes, it was relieved and my migraine gone. I was surprised that even throughout the rest of my evening, it did not return! Chris is truly a professional, and I am an amazed and satisfied customer...a true believer of Cranio-Sacral massage! Quotes
Marites Bautista
Amazed Customer

Quotes Chris is a true professional. Utilizing various techniques, he takes you through an incredible relaxing journey. Awesome massage Chris. Thanks again. Quotes

Quotes Had a 90 minute massage with Chris . Excellent, skilled and intuitive masseur....Great experience. A true pro Quotes